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"The best part is that he made the learning fun and engaging while still maintaining professionalism. I left each session hungry and excited for the next!'"

IVMS quarterly meeting

Hire the Teppanyaki Chef of Speakers - Leave Your Audience Laughing and Dancing

Give your audience more than information…

Give Them Laughter, Give Them An Experience 

Hi, I'm Rhys

Are you looking for a speaker who can entertain your audience? Picture a teppanyaki chef at a dinner party, That's me without the uniform, unless of course, uniforms are your thing *wink, wink*. I'll fill your audience with a few belly laughs as well as some information they can use instantly. 

IVMS workshop
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"Rhys blends humor with deep insights in a way that engages and resonates deeply with practice owners like us. His experiences as a practice owner lend authenticity to his teaching that you don't get with typical consultants."

Download my speech and workshop description and topics.

IVMS topics

Invite Me On Your Podcast 

Are you looking for a podcast guest who can entertain your listeners? Bringing humor and valuable insights, that your audience can use instantly, I'll deliver laughs and practical wisdom, making every episode memorable.

Podcast Appearances 

Core Values Drive Growth#103 Rhys Giannarelli
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Need an Article?

Are you looking for a writer who can engage your readers? Bringing valuable insights and practical wisdom that your audience can use instantly, I can tailor an article to meet your readers' needs.

Published Articles

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