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Innovative Veterinary Management Solutions
We're in the business of time, freeing you to focus on what matters. We'll streamline and DELEGATE your daily tasks, aligning them with your VISION and getting it all done more EFFICIENTLY. 

Are you a practice owner, an aspiring owner, or a practice manager aiming to elevate your practice?


Our all-encompassing workshop is tailored to address every facet of veterinary practice management and growth. By participating in this workshop, you will gain insights and practical skills in the following key areas:

  • Strategic Vision and Execution: Learn to craft and implement a vision that will lead your practice toward long-term success.

  • Vision and Mission Clarification: Define and refine your practice's core values and mission for a more significant impact.

  • Leadership and Team Management: Elevate your leadership skills to manage your team effectively.

  • Optimizing Team Dynamics: Discover the key to unlocking your team's potential through improved dynamics and role suitability.

  • Marketing and Branding Excellence: Master innovative marketing strategies to effectively market and brand your veterinary practice.

  • Effective Meeting Structures: Learn how to conduct efficient and productive meetings that drive results.

At Innovative Veterinary Management Solutions (IVMS), we recognize the diverse challenges and opportunities within the veterinary industry. That's why we have meticulously designed a comprehensive workshop to guide practice owners, aspiring owners, and practice managers toward achieving excellence in their veterinary practices.

Why Choose Our Workshop?

Holistic and Integrated Learning: Our workshop covers all aspects of veterinary practice management, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

Participating in our complete workshop is a pivotal step toward transforming your veterinary practice into a model of excellence and success. Embrace this opportunity to learn, grow, and advance your practice.

 Ready to Make a Difference? View our signature workshop and get ready for freedom.

Innovative Veterinary Management Solutions

Who We Are

At Innovative Veterinary Management Solutions (IVMS), we understand the unique challenges veterinary practices face in achieving optimal structure, stability, trust, delegation, and goal setting. Our mission is to bridge these gaps, offering bespoke solutions that transform these common hurdles into stepping stones for success.

We specialize in fortifying the foundations of your practice, from enhancing organizational frameworks to fostering a culture of trust and effective communication. Our holistic, hands-on approach ensures that your practice meets and exceeds industry standards, paving the way for a future where every aspect of your operations is conducted with precision and purpose.


Partnering with IVMS means embarking on a transformative journey towards excellence. We pride ourselves on being more than just consultants; we are your collaborators, dedicated to tailoring our strategies to your practice’s unique needs and objectives. Our commitment is to guide your practice through growth and innovation, setting a new benchmark in veterinary practice management. Join us at IVMS, and let's turn your vision of an exemplary veterinary practice into a reality.

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Our Clients Say

Dr. Jamie McGill Worsley
This is a game-changer for our practice. Rhys's approach is insightful and incredibly relatable, making complex concepts much more accessible. As a fellow practice owner, Rhys understands the nuances of our industry firsthand, offering genuinely applicable solutions. His personable and accommodating nature made the whole experience enjoyable. We're already seeing significant improvements!

Dr. Jamie McGill Worsley 
Sarnia Veterinary Clinic Ontario

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