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4-Day Workshop

IVMS workshop

The Who:


  • Practice Owners Facing Team Management and Operational Challenges

  • Finding Your Why and How

  • Solve Team Disengagement

  • Reigniting Passion And Your Vision

  • Team Empowerment and Delegation

The What:

  • Team Retention Through Buy-In

  • Cultivating a Team-Centered Culture

  • Right People Right Seat Right Bus

  • Achieving Freedom

The How:

  • Two Sessions Spaced 3-4 Weeks Apart Followed By Two Consecutive Days, 9.5 Hours Daily

The Where

  • Offsite For A More Focused Environment

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My Role:


As the facilitator, I will be your guide, sounding board, and partner in this journey. I will lead discussions, pose critical questions, document team visions and goals, and ensure that strategies are clearly outlined and actionable. My role is to give your team the tools and frameworks to continue their independent progress after the workshop, ensuring lasting impact and continuous improvement. You can count on me to be there every step of the way, supporting you and your team in achieving your goals.

Quarterly Meetings IVMS

Together, We Discover and Build:


  • Vision And Accountability

  • Right People Right Seat Right Bus

  • Process And Efficiency

  • Team Empowerment and Delegation

  • Effective Budgeting

  • SWOT

  • The Secret to Effective Meetings

  • Metrics We Measure

  • Effective Problem Solving Techniques 

  • Quarterly And Annual Planning

Ongoing Support:


  • Unlimited Support For The Entire Year, Email or Call Anytime For Any Questions or Concerns.

  • 2x Leadership Meeting Mentorship

Additional Support:

Need support for leadership meetings and retreats? I'm here to help. I'll assist with planning, execution, and follow-up to ensure success and celebrate your achievements. 

IVMS workshop

Our Clients Say

Dr. Jamie McGill Worsley

Our growing practice needed help – despite our attempts, we continually fell back into the same haphazard habits of managing our business. The tangible systems and engaging exercises of this workshop brought immediate improvement in decision-making, communication, and our overall efficiency.

We highly valued Rhys’ perspective as a fellow practice owner – it was reassuring to know he understood the unique challenges of vet med. I would strongly recommend Rhys’s workshop to any practice owner who tires of working constantly in the business and instead wants their business to work for them. 

Dr. Jamie McGill Worsley 
Sarnia Veterinary Clinic, Ontario

"It's rare to find someone who has first-hand experience as a practice owner and can relate so well to the challenges we face. This workshop is a must-attend!"

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