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Reclaim Your Time, Focus on What Matters

Empower Your Team, Align Your Vision, and Drive Engagement

Innovative Veterinary Management Solutions

Ready to Transform Your Practice?

We understand the unique challenges of the veterinary industry. Our workshop covers the following of practice management and growth:

  • Goal-Setting: Stop Slaying Dragons That Don’t Exist – Are You a 'Gonna' Person or a 'Doing It' Person?

  • Leadership Meetings That Don’t Suck

  • Accountability: You Don’t Need to Put Your Foot Up Their A%$, Let Your Team Do It for You

  • Vision Quest: Do You Even Know Where You're Going? If You Don’t, How Does Your Team?

  • Performance Metrics: Because Your Gut Isn’t Always Right No Matter How Big It Is

  • Culture Vultures: How Can You Soar Like an Eagle When You're Surrounded by Turkeys?

  • Core Values: More Than Corporate Fluff

  • Warm Bodies Are Like Putting a Cow in a Horse Race – Learn the Secret to Hiring Your Values

Innovative Veterinary Management Solutions

 Ready to Make a Difference? Or are you a 'Gonna' person?

About Rhys 

Rhys is your go-to guy for turning veterinary chaos into smooth, profitable operations. As a fellow practice owner, he understands the industry's biggest headaches: lack of structure, team disengagement, and operational inefficiencies. His workshop, based on real-world experience, tackles these issues head-on. Unlike generic systems, Rhys's vet-specific approach takes the best ideas, refines them for veterinary practices, and provides practical solutions for delegation, financial strain, and vision clarity. Let go of the vine and watch your practice transform into a thriving, self-sufficient business, allowing you to focus on what you love.

Rhys Giannarelli

Are Your Meetings Unproductive and Boring?

DALL·E 2024-07-09 12.40.06 - A picture of a book titled 'Meetings that Don't Suck' by Rhys
Download our free guide to transform them into engaging, efficient meetings that keep your team aligned and motivated

Are you tired of meetings that drag on and leave everyone feeling drained? Do you find it challenging to keep your team engaged and on the same page? You're not alone. Many teams struggle with unproductive meetings that fail to inspire and align.

Don't let another meeting go to waste. Download our guide now and start having more engaging, productive meetings that bring your team together and drive your business forward.

What’s Inside the Guide:

  • A Structured Agenda: Follow a proven template that ensures every meeting is organized and efficient.

  • Engagement Tips: Discover practical strategies to keep your team motivated and participative.

  • Accountability Tools: Learn how to track progress and ensure follow-through on action items.

  • Problem Solving Techniques: Master the art of identifying, debating, and resolving issues effectively.

  • Improvement Strategies: Gather feedback to continuously enhance your meeting process.

Our Clients Say

Dr. Rachel Laird De Groot
I recently had the pleasure of working with Rhys, a remarkable veterinary business consultant. He
transformed our multi hospital business to become more efficient, profitable and better positioned for future growth.

He provides templates and strategies for optimal business management but the invaluable part was the change that occurred within our people. His recommendations and approaches have transformed our team into a happier, self-managing and motivated group which in turn has resulted in more satisfied clients.
The best part is that he made the learning fun and engaging while still maintaining professionalism. I left each session hungry and excited for the next!
I cannot praise Rhys highly enough and I can honestly recommend him to any business that needs
tangible results that are practical and easy to implement.

Dr. Rachel Laird De Groot
Northern Oak Animal Hospital, Ontario 


Core Values Drive Growth
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Working to Practice What You Preach
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